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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cream of Broccoli Chicken Soup

1 ½ tsp butter
¼ cup flour
¾ cup fat-free half and half
2 cups water
2 tsp chicken bouillon
1 leftover cooked chicken breast
1 handful fresh or frozen broccoli, thawed
1 handful shredded mozzarella cheese
1 tsp minced garlic
Salt and pepper

Prep: Chop up chicken breast. Finely chop broccoli. I use my Pampered Chef chopper. Steam broccoli with a little water in the microwave until it’s as tender as you like it.
Put butter in saucepan and melt over medium or medium high heat. Add a few teaspoons of the flour while stirring. Add half of the half and half and stir quickly. Then put the rest of the flour and half and half together in a container with a lid and shake. Add mixture to saucepan and stir. Stir in half of the water with half of the bouillon. Bring mixture to a light boil, and stir frequently while it thickens. Once it is thick, add the rest of the water and bouillon and stir. Let thicken a little more, and stir in chicken, broccoli, garlic, and cheese. Season with salt and pepper. Do you want it thinner? Add more water. If that dilutes it, add more bouillon. Serve when chicken and broccoli are heated through. Serves 2.

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